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"Hot-dip galvanising is a process in which the parts
are submerged in a bath of molten hot zinc to
prevent any type of rusting or corrosion."
Quad Wheelie bins storage. Available in Ireland

Wheelie Bin Storage
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Why not customize any one of our sheds
so that you can store empty cans and bottles
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Triple Bin Recycle Shed
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Welcome to the Home of Innovative Wheelie Bin Storage in Ireland

We are an Irish owned company, our centre of operations being in Dublin Ireland. We offer wheelie bin storage solutions for your wheelie bins, from single units through to secure storage for five bins. We also build and supply bike sheds, log stores and combination units. Our wheelie bin sheds come in colours which blend with the environment. They are sturdy and able to stand up to the extremes of Irish weather. We deliver nationwide, our aim being to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, uniquely designed piece of garden furniture for your home, school, or business premises.

Wheelie bin and bike shed combo

Tailor-Made Designs

We would be happy to help you achieve your perfect store unit, please reach out with any custom requests.

Public Liability Insurance

Your safety is vital to us as a company, we have full comprehensive insurance to keep you covered.

About Our Products

Our bin sheds are designed so that your wheelie bins are hidden from sight while still providing ready access. Our bin shed storage units are made from FSC sustainable resources and have narrow air vents so that unpleasant odours are never a problem. Our products are delivered with all fixtures and fittings, along with clear instructions for home assembly.

Bin Shed storage units are suitable for any outdoor area where rubbish and recyclable waste is stored. Whether you are purchasing wheelie bin storage for a private home, a block of flats, a school or college, or a private business, our freestanding wheelie bin storage units will not only improve the overall appearance of your bin storage areas but will provide you with peace of mind. The units are lockable, and so only accessible with a key.

Our bin sheds come in different sizes, from single units for storing one wheelie bin, double wheelie bin storage for storing 2 bins, triple wheelie bin storage for storing 3 bins,  through to Quint units for five bins. Wheelie bin sheds can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Should you be undecided about which option is right for your business or home, please get in touch. Our professional customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Why Choose Us?

Binshed Ireland provides excellent customer support, and since we are based in Dublin Ireland, our team can provide fast delivery and installation service to your doorstep. All our staff members possess specialised skills in their chosen fields, and all have a background in service and support.

Our wheelie bin storage units are easy to assemble, so you will not need to hire a tradesperson to do it for you.

We can provide customised bin sheds, such as a shed which holds two wheelie bins and a bottle bank, or maybe one wheelie bin and two bikes, or a bike shed for storing all the family’s bikes. For every problem, there is a solution.

Our products are built for durability, ensuring a long life for your bin storage units. The gas struts which operate the lids are constructed from stainless steel, which ensures they will not rust. All nails, hinges and locks are galvanised to prevent corrosion. Added to that, hinges, locks and other parts necessary for assembly are included in the unit price.

We use high tech software for recording and organising customer orders, and for internal communication within the business.

We provide a secure shopping environment for our customers. Our website is secured with an SSL certificate. There is no need to worry when sharing your payment details with us since payments are also Gateway Secured.

In choosing binshed.ie you are choosing the very best wheelie bin storage company in Ireland.


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