Storage Units Near Me

Where Do I Find The Best Storage Units in Ireland

Storage Units Near Me:

You will find Binshed’s storage units in many places, from in and around Dublin, to Cork, and even as far afield as Galway. We have even shipped flatpacks to the Aran Islands in County Galway. We are an Irish owned company, operating out of Dublin, and servicing all of Ireland, as well as Northern Ireland. Our storage units can be seen not only in back gardens, but proudly displayed in the front gardens of homes, neatly securing wheelie bins so that they are out of sight. The colour schemes of our storage units ensure that the units blend in well against the background of houses and gardens.

Best Wheelie Bin Storage Units:

For your wheelie bin storage needs, in fact, for all your garden storage needs, you won’t find better than Binshed. In particular, our Deluxe Package is a worthy investment for your home garden requirements.

Our Deluxe Package includes the following features:

Storage Units Near Me

    • Back panels, so that the bins are fully enclosed, and cannot be accessed from the back
    • Flatpack unit with galvanised hardware
    • Pressure treated timber, which is tested for strength and endurance, is moisture resistant, as well as resistant to insects and fungi
    • Spray painted to perfection with Cuprinol paint in your choice of colours
    • Lids with gas struts for assisted lift
    • Delivery nationwide
    • On site assembly
    • 2 year service warranty

The Deluxe Package features a triple storage option, which can include space for two wheelie bins, plus a third lockable space for storing items awaiting recycling.

For further information on our Deluxe Packages go to Triple Wheelie Bin Storage:

For those whose needs for outdoor garden storage is simpler, there are further options available to you.

If all you need is a secure and sturdy storage unit in which to lock one wheelie bin, then that can be done. Our standard units are made for single wheelie bins, double wheelie bins, three bins, four, and five bins, with each bin having its own lockable space, so that only members of your household can access your bins. Should you require added secure storage space for other garden items, such as a space for storing logs, the family’s bikes, items awaiting recycling, or any other garden equipment which needs locking away, then we aim to provide you with a design which will not only serve a practical purpose, but which will enhance the appearance of your garden.

We manufacture our bins to order from our workshop in Dublin. This means that whatever you have which requires safe, secure, sturdy, and attractive storage in your garden, away from interference by animals, or vandals of the human variety, we at Binshed can design it and manufacture it according to your needs. Our ability to customise units according to the client’s needs is something of which we are proud. All you need to do is ask.

While our Bin Sheds are designed for storing 180L or 240L capacity wheelie bins, we also customise our storage units to accommodate wheelie bins of 360L capacity.

Join the revolution today by purchasing from our online store.

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