Custom Built Wheelie Bin Storage

Custom Built Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions in Dublin, Ireland

For every problem there is a unique and workable solution. The problem may well be that you have a number of items of value outside, most likely in the back garden, and that a storage solution for one, two, or more wheelie bins may not be enough to fulfill your storage needs.

Enter Binshed, the primary wheelie bin storage company in Dublin, Ireland, and one committed to solving any garden storage problem. Whatever it is in your back garden for which you have a need for secure storage, the answer can be found at, the most reliable and innovative wheelie bin storage company in Ireland.

Custom Built Wheelie Bin Storage in Dublin, Ireland

Binshed is a young and vibrant company, and have found that there is a need for flexibility in design, which includes both function and colour scheme. Only the very finest and sturdiest materials are sourced for our wheelie bin storage units. Not only do we custom make storage solutions for your wheelie bins, whether that be for one, two, three, four or five wheelie bins, with each having their own access via a lockable door, and a lid supported by gas lift struts, but you can also customise your colour scheme. We paint our wheelie bin storage units with Cuprinol paint, and the galvanised metal hardware can be painted in a contrasting colour, or according to the customer’s own preferences.

Not only do we customise our storage to accommodate your wheelie bins, but we can also design and construct storage units to hold:

  • one or more bikes
  • garden equipment, such as lawnmowers
  • furnishings for garden furniture
  • a bottle bank, and storage space for all your recycling needs
  • log storage
  • We can also customise your storage unit to house one or more kayaks.

Customising the colour scheme for your storage unit is as easy as perusing the Cuprinol paint colour chart. The most popular colours are the darker hues, such as Black Ash and Urban Slate. The galvanised catches and hinges can be painted in a contrasting colour, or a similar dark colour. Some clients choose a colour scheme for their storage units which matches the woodwork or paintwork on the house. A custom built storage unit then becomes a piece of finely designed garden furniture, and even a work of art.

Not only is the wheelie bin storage unit able to be customised to suit the needs of the customer, but there are also ordering and payment options available.

  • Ordering and payment for your chosen unit may be made on our website at
  • Should you require an option for paying in instalments, our company has formed a partnership with Humm. Using this option you can pay for your unit in weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly slices, with no interest to pay, ever.
  • Should you choose to pay Cash On Delivery, a 50% payment is required on ordering, with the balance to be paid on delivery.
  • Orders can also be securely processed over WhatsApp using our advanced stripe payment platform.

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