Excellent Reviews and Customer Satisfaction on Trustpilot

That’s right. From orders already completed by our customers Binshed, the home of superior wheelie bin storage, has received a near perfect score on Trustpilot. Happy? We’re over the moon.

hand crafted wheelie bin storage

So, if you want the very best, and most sturdy wheelie bin shed, or a wooden storage shed for your bikes, look no further. Our wheelie bin storage units are flying out of the factory, and within days our superior, hand-crafted bike sheds will be available for pre-order. And to speed up production we have even had to hire more staff.

At Binshed we spray paint our own storage units. We use Cuprinol paint on our storage sheds – nothing but the very best. Your storage unit will not only be sturdy, tidy, and a breeze to use, but with the option of choosing your preferred colour via the link to the Cuprinol website your wheelie bin or bike storage unit can be painted to suit your own tastes.

Note that our spring brochure will soon be available, offering further discounts on our wooden wheelie bin and bike storage products. With the products on our website already being offered at discount prices, you can take advantage of further discounts as per the brochure.

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