Garbage Bin Sheds In Ireland | Nationwide Delivery Service

Our Garbage Bin Sheds are manufactured in our workshop right here in Dublin, with delivery available throughout the country, and free delivery within metropolitan Dublin. We have our own design team and craftsmen ready to create the garbage bin storage unit which suits your individual needs.

Outdoor Garbage Sheds

If you need it, it can be designed and created within our workshop. We have available standard garbage bin sheds to accommodate one garbage bin, and through up to five garbage bins. We also design and manufacture outdoor garbage sheds for bins plus bottles awaiting recycling, bins plus bikes, or bikes alone. We also make outdoor garbage sheds for extra large bins, such as those used by schools, and some larger businesses. We can customise your garbage bin shed to suit your needs.

The Manufacture Of Garbage Bin Sheds

Our outdoor garbage sheds are built from pressure-treated timber, which is then spray painted with Cuprinol paint. All metal hinges, screws, and gas struts are made from stainless steel. There are a number of paint colours available for spray painting the timber. Slate grey and pale grey are popular, and of late our highest selling colour scheme has been slate grey paint with black hinges – a very smart look indeed. There is the option for customers to choose their own paint colour scheme.

Enhance Your Outdoor Area With Garbage Bin Shed

garbage bin shed

Your outdoor garbage shed is designed to blend into the outdoor area in which it will be stored. It is smart enough to be seen from the street, or it can be designed to fit into a corner of your backyard. While your garbage bin shed can blend into the outdoor environment, it can also enhance your backyard, When choosing a position for your garbage shed you will need to consider ease of access, and how often, and at what times of the day and night you require access to it.

With gas lift hinges, the lids to your bins can be opened by lifting the lid of the garbage shed. Access to the outdoor garbage shed – for moving the bin in and out of the shed – is via a lockable door at the front.

Why Invest In A Garbage Bin Shed?

Whether it be situated in an outdoor area of a business, a school, a housing development, or a private home a lockable Binshed garbage bin shed provides long-term peace of mind. Not only does your outdoor garbage shed protect your bins from outside interference, as well as the whims of Irish weather, it will add to the aesthetic of your property, providing your yard with an appealing piece of outdoor furniture. The days of a messy and ugly garbage bin area will be no more.

All materials, from the pressure-treated timber used to manufacture our garbage bin sheds, to the Cuprinol paint, and stainless steel fittings, are of the highest quality. Added to that, between them our manufacturing team have years of experience in building and design. Not only will your garbage bin shed be assembled on site, it is also accompanied by a 2-year Service Guarantee. With customer service being our priority, our office is open for business 6 days a week.

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