Garden Wheelie Bin Storage

Why You Need Garden Wheelie Bin Storage

A Brief History of Garden Wheelie Bin Storage

You may not have known that evidence of the first ever wheelie bins was first discovered in the ruins of the city of Pompeii, destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD! In modern times the wheelie bin was first used in Slough in 1968 to move waste from one part of a factory to another. Fast forward to the 1980s when wheelie bins came into regular use as the method of storing and removing rubbish from homes and businesses. And so here we are in the 21st century with not only wheelie bins for garden refuse, but custom made wheelie bin storage units.

Garden Bin Wheelie Storage

Garden Wheelie Bin Storage
At we focus fully on the needs of the customer. Garden Bin storage is our business, and the customer is our priority. While the wheelie bin has been a necessary addition to our lives, especially for anyone having to move the bin around, the introduction of garden bin storage provides a solution to all those little problems created by storing wheelie bins in the garden.

    1. Garden Bin Storage is neater, cleaner, and will provide peace of mind, as well as a secure, lockable solution for storing your wheelie bins.
    2. Garden bin storage units can be single units for one wheelie bin up to a five bin unit, as well as combination units for your wheelie bins and other items requiring safe and secure storage.
    3. A garden bin storage unit can be custom made to suit your garden and home environment, as well as your storage requirements.
    4. Storage for your wheelie bin is not only a neat solution, but it can be adapted to the family’s bikes, bottles, a kayak, or any other small item requiring secure storage.
    5. No requirement is too large or too small. The friendly staff at can accommodate your own particular needs for garden bin storage. We specialise in custom storage solutions.
    6. The high quality of materials used at Binshed ensures that your garden bin storage unit will last for many years to come, providing you with peace of mind.
    7. Your garden bin storage unit is protected by a 2 year service warranty.
    8. Our garden bin storage units are delivered in flatpack throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.
    9. A garden wheelie bin storage unit can turn your house and garden area from a clutter of wheelie bins and bikes, and other household paraphernalia into a tidy and orderly space, with ample room for other uses for your garden space.
    10. Garden wheelie bin storage units are affordable, and can be ordered online, with options for paying weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Large Garden Storage

So, can Binshed provide solutions for storing those bulky items – such as multiple bikes, kayaks, or random garden tools? Of course we can! There are no problems, only solutions.
No matter how large or small your garden space, wheelie bin storage can keep all your garden items in one place – one secure and lockable place. From your wheelie bins to your family’s bicycles, and from furnishings for your garden furniture to items awaiting recycling, garden wheelie bin storage is a neat and permanent storage solution.

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