Wheelie Bin + Bike Shed Package Deal


Package Price: €1,699.00

Packages include:
A spacious Bike Shed to store x3 adult size bikes & A Triple Bin Shed for 3 Bins.
 Galvanised Hardware  
 Free Delivery in Dublin
 Back Panels
 Spray Painted by us. 
 Gas Struts/Assisted Lid Lift
 Assembly by us.
 2 year service warranty


Bike Shed Specs

Dimensions for our Bike Shed.

  • Width: 2M
  • Depth: 1.22M
  • Height: 1.35M

Triple Wheelie Bin Specs

Dimensions cover most standard wheelie bin sizes 140L, 180L & 240L bins:

  • Width: 2.2m
  • Depth: 800mm
  • Height 1150mm
  • Product Add-ons

    To avail of our superior spray painting service, please select from our range of colours below. We will apply your selected colour to both units before delivery.

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    Add an extra bay with shelves for you to store additional waste or bottles that can be stored next to your wheelie bins.

    • 285 €
    • 0 €
    • 80 €
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Why purchase a Bike Shed?

Let’s be honest. For many of us, our bikes and bicycles are as precious as our car, as well as more economical to run. In making that initial investment in a sturdy and reliable bike, whether it be for riding to work or school, for exercise, or for outings with the family, you will be looking to provide the best security and protection for your bikes. Enter Binshed’s individually designed bike sheds. Not only are our bike sheds able to protect your bikes and bicycles from the worst of weather conditions, but they are also lockable, providing a secure place in which to store your bikes. The bike shed is also a unique piece of garden or yard furniture, one which will fit neatly into your yard.

Why purchase a Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Shed?

From a family home to blocks of flats, to schools and businesses large and small, everyone uses wheelie bins. We all know how frustrating it can be to have our bins knocked over, or raided by wildlife or random neighborhood pets. Then there is the problem of the wind lifting the lid of a bin, creating a mess in your yard, or in the vicinity of your business. You work hard to create a pleasant, tidy environment for your home or business, and so you shouldn’t have to tuck your wheelie bins out of the way when they become old or unsightly, or over-full. Nor should you have to search for a brick or two to place on the lid of your bin to prevent it flying open in windy weather. Bin Sheds can work closely with you as we provide solutions to the problem of how best to protect and store your wheelie bins so that they are safe, secure, and pleasing to the eye.

Made right here in Ireland, Bin Sheds are manufactured from FSC certified timber from sustainable sources. The wood is tested for strength and endurance, is moisture resistant, as well as resistant to insects and fungi. Our Bin Sheds are constructed in a slatted design to ensure air flow, which serves to maintain a constant temperature in and around the bins, as well as allowing any unpleasant odours to quickly and easily disperse. Our Bin Sheds are attractive, coming in colours which blend in with the environment without drawing undue attention to them.

Materials Used on our Bike Sheds.

As with our wheelie bin sheds, the high quality of our designs, construction quality, and materials used sets our bike sheds apart from the competition. Our bike sheds are made from pressure-treated shiplap timber, rendering the unit strong and sturdy. The angled felt roof ensures that the inside of the bike shed is water-resistant. With doors that are more robust than a standard wheelie bin door, the bike shed has galvanised door hinges on the inside of the unit, resulting in a sleek and minimalist design. 

Bin Sheds are delivered complete with all fixtures and fittings.

Our Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds are designed to store either 140L, 180L or 240L bins. Bin Sheds can be customised to store 360L bins. Please contact us should you require a customised model.