Wheelie Bin Covers

How Best To Protect Your Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bin Covers

Wheelie bin covers are a relatively new innovation, a place where a logical solution has been found which solves a long-standing problem – namely the problem of how best to store untidy, unsightly and smelly wheelie bins.

The remains of a wooden wheelie bin have been found in the ruins of Pompeii in Italy, a city devastated by the volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD, so in some ways wheelie bins are not a new invention.

It was almost 2 centuries later that wheelie bins found their place in our everyday lives. It was in the late 1980s that the handling of waste management, and waste removal became more mechanised, and so gradually the wheelie bin found its way to homes and businesses throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

The concept of having covers designed and manufactured to house and protect your wheelie bins – and more – is one which has only emerged in the 21st century, as people’s lives become busier, and most members of households are required to be away from home during much of the day. Added to that, we all have more than wheelie bins which require covers, and so wheelie bin cover designs now include a space for bikes, recycling awaiting collection, logs for the fire, and anything else which requires safe storage while not being suitable to store inside the house.

Rubbish Bin Covers:

The bin covers you order from Binshed are all designed and manufactured in our new workshop in Dublin. Since moving to new premises our capacity for production has increased dramatically. You can be assured that our rubbish bin covers are of the highest quality available in Ireland, and that your investment will be protected by our 2 year service warranty.

The regular 5 star reviews Binshed receives on Trustpilot bears testimony to the quality of our rubbish bin covers, and of our service.

It is important to note that not only do we design and manufacture rubbish bin covers, but we can create covers for any of your possessions which require a tidy and safe storage solution. Recycling bin covers are essential, and need a safe storage space in which to keep your recycling until collection day. A recycling bin cover can be incorporated into your wheelie bin cover, along with any other items which need protection from wind, rain, wildlife, and stray pets. At Binshed we manufacture your rubbish bin covers according to your own requirements.

Wheelie Bin Wraps:

While at Binshed we are fully committed to manufacturing wheelie bin covers, we are aware that there may be those who have invested in wheelie bin wraps, or stickers which are designed to brighten your wheelie bins, or to help camouflage them so that they blend into the backdrop of your garden.

The purpose of a wheelie bin cover is to protect and secure your wheelie bins, and so the integrity of your wheelie bin wraps will not be affected. The wheelie bin wraps will still be visible on bin days, and so while out of the bin cover and on the roadside, your bins are still visibly attractive.

Single Wheelie Bin Covers:

single wheelie bin cover

For those who only have a single wheelie bin, or who are only prepared to invest in one bin cover, our basic standard wheelie bin cover is made for a single bin, whether it be 140L capacity, or 240L. There are a number of paint colour combinations available, and you can mix and match your colours, so that the galvanised metal is in contrast to the painted wood. Another way to introduce contrast is to have the lockable door painted in a contrasting colour to the bin cover’s walls.

Double Wheelie Bin Covers:

Double Wheelie Bin Covers

For those with two wheelie bins serving their property, the double wheelie bin cover is a must. Each bin is stored separately within the bin cover, and each is accessible via a lid which lifts, as well as separate lockable doors at the front for removal of the bins on bin day.

The standard design for the double wheelie bin cover is for bins of 180L or 240L capacity. The doors at the front of the bin cover are lockable to prevent the bins being stolen, or interfered with. Access to the lid of the bins is via separate lids for each bin.

Triple Wheelie Bin Covers:

How Best To Protect Your Wheelie Bins

When there are three wheelie bins on a property, all of which require safe and secure storage, the triple wheelie bin cover can provide one safe unit of storage to cover all three wheelie bins. As with wheelie bin covers for fewer bins, each bin is stored in a separate compartment of the wheelie bin cover, and each has separate access to the wheelie bin lid, and separate lockable access for removing the bins on bin day.

Quad Wheelie Bin Covers:

Quad Wheelie Bin Covers

This wheelie bin cover provides storage for four bins, whether that be for home use, or for business-at-home-use. This is a neat and practical solution for wheelie bin storage, as if left without covers, four wheelie bins can become untidy and unsightly. The solution to this problem is a Binshed Quad Wheelie Bin Cover, made from highest quality wood, secured with galvanised metal fittings, and all spray painted with Cuprinol paint.

All our Wheelie Bin Covers are delivered in flatpack throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, and all come with a 2 year service warranty.
You will find us at binshed.ie

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