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Look no further; binshed.ie is your friendly, local, one-stop shop, providing garden storage solutions for residents and businesses of not only Dublin, but all of Ireland, and Northern Ireland. We consistently score 5 Stars on Trustpilot, but we are not sitting back, resting on our laurels. There are always new horizons, new challenges, new goals to be reached. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to garden and yard storage, as well as our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

In July 2021, our principal, Jonnie, was interviewed by Jennifer Zamparelli on RTE 2FM radio. To summarise Jonnie’s interview:

    • Not only does binshed.ie provide storage solutions for any number of wheelie bins, from one to five, but also –
    • Binsheds can adapt their wheelie bin storage sheds to accommodate bikes, log storage, bottles awaiting recycling, in fact, any garden item which requires secure and lockable storage.
    • Combination storage units can be made to order, depending on the requirements of individual customers.
    • All units are painted with Cuprinol paint, and colour combinations may be chosen to suit the environment in which the garden storage unit will be housed. As of the time of the interview, the most popular colours were Black Ash and Urban Slate, with contrasting colours chosen for the galvanised metal fittings.
    • While storage units to secure wheelie bins are popular, rising in popularity are combination units for storing any number of wheelie bins, along with bikes, and also log stores, and other garden items requiring secure storage.
    • The Binshed operation has now moved to larger premises, which will ensure increased productivity.

Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions

Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions

binshed.ie is consistently rated 5 Stars on Trustpilot. There are a number of payment options available, from full payment on ordering, to our syncing with Humm to provide flexible payment options for those preferring to pay for their unit via a `paying in slices’ payment option.

Wheelie bin storage units can be ordered online to house anything from one wheelie bin, through to five wheelie bins. The bins are shipped in flat packs to their destination, where they can be easily assembled. For an added fee, storage units within the Dublin area can be assembled by members of our friendly staff. Assembly is included with all our Deluxe packages. For further details go to binshed.ie/deluxe package.

All wheelie bin storage units are constructed from timber which is strength and endurance tested, moisture resistant, as well as resistant to insects and fungi. Our wheelie bin storage units are painted with Cuprinol paint, the very best quality paint for protecting items which are to be stored outdoors. A wide range of colours is available, and customers can choose their preferred combination of colours. The darker colours, such as Black Ash and Urban Slate, are continuing to be popular choices.

Bin Storage Solutions:

No matter where you require your bin storage unit to be installed, whether it be in Dublin, Cork, rural Ireland, or in Northern Ireland, delivery can be arranged. Our partnership with the Transland Group means that your bin storage unit will be securely delivered to your door. All hardware for easy assembly of your storage unit is provided with the flatpack.

Your unit comes with a 2 year service warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

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