Trash Can Storage Sheds

The Manufacture Of Trash Can Storage Sheds | Free Delivery in Dublin

Protecting Your Trash Cans

A trash can storage shed is a necessary addition to any property where trash cans are stored outside. Any trash cans stored in an open area are prone to interference – such as being tipped over or even having some of your trash stolen. The neatest, most logical, and appealing solution to this problem is the trash can storage shed.

The Manufacture Of Trash Can Storage Sheds

Our trash can storage sheds are sturdy, attractive in appearance, and are manufactured right here in Ireland. The trash bin shed is built to last. Built with pressure treated timber, you’ll never have to treat the wood yourself. It is more than a trash can shed; it is a stylish piece of garden or yard furniture. The timber is smooth planed, which gives it a lovely finish whether painted or not. We use only the best materials in the manufacture of our units, such as Culprinol outdoor paint which gives a stunning matt finish. Added to that our trash storage unit comes with galvanised hardware – nails, hinges, locks, and gas struts – all of which is anti-corrosive, making it resistant to rust.

What They Will Cost

The prices on our trash can sheds (currently) range from €189.99 for a single bin shed to €889.99 for our largest bike shed. We currently have on offer an all-in deluxe package which is 10% cheaper with our spring deals.

Trash Can Sheds Come In A Variety Of Sizes

Trash Can Storage
The smallest is a shed which provides secure and lockable storage for a single trash bin. Next is a trash bin shed for two bins, situated side by side. The Triple Wheelie Bin Shed is designed to contain and secure three wheelie bins. The larger trash storage sheds on offer are built to contain and secure a single large bin, four bins side by side, five bins side by side, and our largest trash storage shed is one which is designed to contain as many bikes as you need to store securely.

Access To Your Trash Can

All trash can storage sheds have doors at the front for the purpose of moving the trash can in and out of the shed. Each storage bin has a door at the top which allows quick access when needing to add to, or remove rubbish from the bin. All doors are lockable, which not only secures your trash, but provides you with peace of mind.

Choose From A Variety Of Colours

While the most popular colours of our garbage can sheds are the natural, environmental colours, such as light grey, dark grey, natural beige, and black, there are options for you to choose other colours. You can also choose for your trash can shed to remain unpainted, should you prefer the natural look of wood. Alternatively, you may have the natural look of timber when you have your trash bin shed painted with wood stain.

Why Invest In Trash Can Storage?

Trash Can Storage Ireland
Not only are trash can storage sheds a neat, tidy, and aesthetically appealing solution to the perennial problem of unsightly bins in the yard of your house, block of units, housing estate, or business premises, but they remove the worry of your wheelie bins being interfered with, or perhaps even stolen. The investment in your chosen solution to your trash can storage shed problem is one which not only solves an immediate problem, but will serve your needs for years to come.

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