Types of Wheelie Bin Storage

The Many and Varied Types of Wheelie Bin Storage That Meets your Needs

If you can imagine it, then it can be manufactured, and there’s a high chance that at our new and improved workshop, we at binshed.ie can manufacture what it is you imagine. The team at binshed.ie aim to meet the unique needs of our customers. Many of the wheelie bin storage units made by the skilled Binshed team are standard, and featured on our website.

Firstly, we can manufacture a secure and attractive storage shed for a single wheelie bin. This particular storage unit is called a Single Wheelie Bin Shed Storage. We are able to build storage for bins with 180L capacity, as well as 240L capacity, and the much larger sized 360L wheelie bin.

Should you have two wheelie bins which you wish to securely house side by side, we have the Double Wheelie Bin Storage as a standard model.

The Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Shed provides secure and attractive storage for three wheelie bins, which can then be housed in a painted wooden shed which provides easy access to each individual bin, while providing you with peace of mind during those windy and rainy winter nights.

Should you require storage for four wheelie bins, then the Quad Wheelie Bin Shed Storage is the storage unit for you.
And for five wheelie bins there is the standard Quint Wheelie Bin Shed.

Also standard is the Triple Bin Shed Recycle Store. This unit is designed to store 2 wheelie bins side by side, plus a separate compartment for your recycling. The recycling compartment has shelves for easy storage of your bottles and other materials awaiting recycling.

Also listed as standard are our Large Wheelie Bin Sheds, specifically designed for large wheelie bins – both 660L and 1100L. Such wheelie bin storage sheds are suitable for businesses large and small. The bin shed is an attractive and practical solution to the problem of easy access by the public, or by wildlife, to the refuse stored in your wheelie bin.

The Bike and Bicycle Shed Storage does what it says on the tin. Built from stress tested timber, the standard bike and bicycle shed has one access point, and is suitable for storing all the bikes belonging to the members of your household.

The Wheelie Bin + Bike Shed Package Deal is a storage solution which houses three wheelie bins, plus a separate bike shed with its own separate access.

All of the above are standard products, and can be purchased either on our website – binshed.ie – or via WhatsApp using our advanced stripe payment system.

Benefits of a Wheelie Bin Storage:

Types of Wheelie Bin Storage
We at Binshed are confident that we manufacture and deliver a superior product. There are multiple benefits to be had from having our wheelie bin storage on your property, and even more from choosing Binshed.ie as the provider of the product which suits you best.
So what are those benefits?

    • Wheelie Bins can be unsightly in your garden. When your bin is overfilled, rubbish can be blown around your garden space, and the bin lid can fly open, leaving your rubbish open to wildlife, such as foxes and stray dogs, as well as the smaller variety, such as ants and beetles.
    • An unhoused wheelie bin can become smelly, so that anyone entering your garden can detect the bad odours coming from your bin. Should you need to store your wheelie bins close to the front door, then this becomes worse, especially on warm summer days.
    • Wheelie bins often blow over in high winds, and should this happen while you are out, or while you sleep, then trash can be scattered all over your garden, and perhaps even the neighbours’ gardens.
    • Wheelie bin storage solves all the above issues, and more. Firstly, your wheelie bin storage shed is an investment, so that you have peace of mind. Made from high quality materials, your wheelie bin storage unit will serve your needs for many years.
    • Your wheelie bin storage unit will be an attractive addition to your outdoor space. Your garden or outdoor space will be enhanced and improved by the addition of a storage unit. It is a neat and sturdy unit, and its appearance can be customised by you.
    • There is a range of colours available, both for spray painting the wooden panels of the storage unit, and also for painting the galvanised metal fittings. The customer can choose their own colour scheme, and there are images of different colour schemes on our website, as well as on our social media pages.
    • Our units are spray painted with Cuprinol paint, while the timber used in constructing the units has been tested for strength and endurance, and is moisture resistant, as well as resistant to insects and fungi.
      Your wheelie bin storage unit is lockable, and so is inaccessible to anyone other than you, and the members of your household.
    • Each bin has separate doors at the front for moving the bins in and out of the storage shed. Access to the lids of the wheelie bins is via separate wooden lids, which have gas assisted struts, providing easy opening of the lids.

With regular 5 star reviews on Trustpilot, you can be assured that the Binshed team will listen, solve your storage issues, and then deliver.

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