wheelie bin recyle store

New Designs for the Outdoor Living Space. Wheelie Bin + Recycle Store

Lockdown continues, and so what does this mean for you?

wheelie bin recyle store

It’s clear that accumulated empty bottles near the front door can be annoying, and perhaps even dangerous. They can tip out of a bag onto the floor, creating a hazard for anyone living in the house, and they can begin to smell if left for too long.

You wouldn’t put knives in the spoon drawer, or spoons in the fork drawer, and nor do you leave saucepans in a random pile on the floor where others can trip over them. This is because knives, forks, spoons and saucepans have a place – a drawer, or a cupboard. So why not create a special place where you can store empty cans and bottles awaiting recycling?

Wheelie Bin and Recycle Store

The team at BinShed.ie has designed and created the Bin + Recycle Store, a lockable shed which houses both wheelie bins and empty bottles. The Bin + Recycle Store can be designed to suit your individual requirements. It houses your wheelie bins, with a bottle store at one end. The bottle bank can be built with a shelf at the bottom for large or tall bottles, while the standard design has two shelves for storing regular sized cans and bottles.


Such a neat solution to a messy problem!

Click here to purchase the unit from our shop.

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