The Home of Wooden Wheelie Bin Storage | Free Delivery in Dublin is the home of quality handmade wooden wheelie bin storage. Our wooden wheelie bin store is in Dublin, where the storage units are designed and built in our own workshop by skilled craftsmen.

Types of Wheelie Bin Storage

We provide wooden wheelie bin storage units for homes, businesses, blocks of flats, or units, as well as housing estates and developments, and schools and other educational institutions. Wooden bin storage units are a neat and safe solution for the storage of bins in yards, gardens, and the rubbish bin areas of businesses and large organisations. We make wheelie bin storage units for a single wheelie bin, up to multiple numbers of bins, such as five bins.

We also manufacture storage bins for large wheelie bins, such as those used in large schools, and high turnover businesses. We also design and manufacture wooden units for the storage of multiple bikes. In our Dublin factory we manufacture specially customised bins, such as combination wooden storage units for bins plus bikes. It all depends upon your requirements. Even if you only have a need for a single bin storage unit for one wheelie bin, the advantages to your life and peace of mind are worth the investment.

The Art of the Wooden Bin Store

Here at Binshed, we have designed a sleek, neat, and functional wooden bin storage unit which will last for years to come. While our design shop makes wheelie bin storage units for single bins, double wheelie bins, and even up to five bins within one storage unit, it is possible for you to have a wooden bin store unit customised to your needs. So should you require wooden wheelie bin storage for your garden which includes a space for a bike or two, plus a bottle storage area – a safe and secure space in which to store material awaiting recycling – that can be made to measure.

Design and Materials Used

To create our wooden garden bin storage units we begin with pressure treated timber, which is then spray painted with Cuprinol paint. Metal fittings such as hinges, nails, and screws, and the gas struts which assist in lifting the lid of each bin are all stainless steel. While the most popular colours for our wooden bin storage units are slate, and light grey, there are also other environmentally attractive colours available, should you wish your storage unit to blend into your garden area.

Key Features Of Wooden Wheelie Bin Covers

Each wheelie bin is stored within a separate compartment of the wooden bin storage unit, with separate access via a lockable front door, as well as a gas assisted lid for each bin or storage compartment. As the lid above each bin is lifted, the bin lid is also lifted. This allows for quick and ready access to your bins, as well as maintaining the aesthetic of your wooden bin store area.

Why Invest in Wooden Wheelie Bin Storage?

A wooden bin store provides a tidy and safe solution to your bin storage needs, whether they be for a single unit, or a large, custom-made unit.

Our wooden wheelie bin storage units are designed and made in Dublin, with delivery available nationwide, as well as on site assembly. We also provide a 2 Year Service Warranty.

Customer service is our priority, and to assist you our office is open for business 6 days a week.

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  1. Hi. I have 6 wheelie bins, 2 x normal waste, 2x recycling, 1 bottle bin and one narrow compost bin. Do you have a solution for say, 2 x 3 bin containers?

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